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Services In Detail

Play Space Makeover

Contact for your customized quote. Cost starts at approximately $450.


Service includes:

  • Sorting and categorizing toys, games and materials to ensure that every toy has a home

  • Setting up age-appropriate storage solutions utilizing first furniture and materials that you already have 

  • Creating an inviting and functional space that complements your family values and the habits and needs of your child

  • Providing guidance and child friendly strategies on how to maintain the organized playroom 

Image by Carrie Allen

 Declutter and Reset 


4 Hours Minimum


Service includes:

  • Support decluttering, sorting, categorizing and brainstorming together systems 

  • Recommendations of organizations to donate items no longer in use 

  • Support designing an environment that fosters independence and learning disposition development 

  • Guidance on routines and systems to maintain the play space organization


Virtual Organizing 

$100 for 1 Hour of Consulting

8 Hours of On-Demand Text Support


Service includes:

  • Recommendations on how to best set up and utilize the play space 

  • Ideas on how you can repurpose furniture and organizing products 

  • Mapping out an action plan and breaking down your project into manageable steps

  • Multiple suggestions for product and furniture to invest in

  • One day of on-demand text support to provide solutions as you work through your project and are looking for guidance 

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